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Alex Simmons Wasabi Design – Technical Director

Having worked with Rob from Digital Kraken for nearly two years we can say that his technical know how when it comes to front end design and build is right up there with the best, demonstrating knowledge and understanding of our clients and their needs. He integrates really well with our clients big, small, and everything in between. We have no problem recommending any company wanting a top rate job from a really small, but highly professional smart outfit. A rare beast, a renaissance man in our industry.

David Mansfield Grange Homes Estate Agents – Owner/Director

Rob’s attention to detail, especially when it comes to design, is very impressive. We have had so many comments about how good the website looks and works that we’re really glad we used his company. Our experience working with him throughout the years means we are now working with Digital Kraken to create our new website. We would therefore highly recommend his services to other companies looking for a professional, but friendly service.

Ben Copper Nutshell Construction – Owner/Director

Rob’s level of understanding of our business has really impressed us, showing he has taken the time to look into what makes us tick. He understands we’re growing quickly and is always there for some advice on where to go next with our online presence. His approachable demeanour makes him easy to work with and his technical expertise will be online very soon for the world to see with our new portfolio website. We look forward to working with Rob and his company in the future.