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Digital Kraken loves all things digital as well as all things creative. My company provides a whole host of services to help get new businesses on their feet or enhance and improve established companies & individuals.

The services I provide are broken down into categories with a brief description of what they are and what Digital Kraken can do to help.

If you would like to chat about your project or would like a quote, please feel free to drop me an email or give me a call.

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Information Architecture

So you’re looking at getting a new website or updating an existing one? Have you thought about the pages you require, or if the current pages you have are working hard enough?

One of the keys to your websites success is consistency of its structure so your visitors can easily find what they’re looking for with the least amount of clicks.

Digital Kraken can help you with this by designing the Information Architecture for your website, which identifies the pages you need, and what logical hierarchical order they should go in.

User Experience Design

Designing your website is not just about how the website looks visually, though that’s an important ingredient to its success. You need to identify the structure of the elements on the pages and how your visitors will interact them.

To visualise the user experience Digital Kraken can help design a set of wireframes based on the analysis of your target market and the Information Architecture.

This means your website will be focused on user-centred design to ensure they have a great user experience, which can help hook those juicy clients.


Whether you’re looking to spruce up of your existing branding or have a new business venture that needs it’s own identity to distinguish you from your competition, Digital Kraken’s here to help.

Some of the key areas I look at when creating your new branding are colour palettes, shapes, graphics, typographies, names, logos, strap lines etc.

Digital Kraken knows that your brand is your business’ personality and that it should resinate with your target market. Getting the branding right, especially online, is crucial to the business’ success.

Web Design

With over ten years of experience in the industry I have designed and built websites from small start ups to established brands like MacMillan Science & Education.

All my sites are built using the latest industry standards, are SEO friendly, and are cross browser tested. They are also built for speed and use a variety of techniques to make your website lightning fast.

When designing and building your new website I use a variety of the following technologies and software packages:

HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Sublime Text.

Responsive & Adaptive Design

With the variety of devices your visitors can view your website on these days, you need to make sure it’s optimised to give the best user experience no matter what size screen they use.

So whether your potential client is using a mobile, tablet or a desktop/laptop, Digital Kraken will build a website that best fits that device using the technique of Responsive and Adaptive design. You will also get some Brownie points from Google for making your site mobile friendly.

Graphic Design

One of my key mantras over the years working in this industry as a designer is that a job should never become style over substance.

But nobody said anything about them being on par right?

Creating visually stunning digital graphics that work seamlessly online and offline is what I love to do.

I offer a range of graphical services including designs for logos, posters, leaflets, info graphics, icons, websites, brochures, web apps.


If you’re looking for some custom digital illustration to inject a bit of personality to your project or need an illustrative info graphic etc, then Digital Kraken can help.

I have been creating illustrations for years and my style lends itself well to creating character designs and mascots, but feel happy illustrating anything you may need.

I usually create my illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, a vector based software package, so my creations are scalable to whatever size you require.

WordPress CMS Integration

Digital Kraken uses the industry standard Content Management System template software WordPress, so it couldn’t be easier managing your website’s content from wherever you are or whatever device you’re using.

With my years of experience designing and building custom WordPress templates, you’ll not only have a unique website with it’s own custom features, you’ll benefit from being able to manage the content with a tried and tested Content Management System.